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Guest house – with a spacious living room and a fireplace, bedrooms, toilets, showers, a kitchen, TV, internet, mini library, cosy lounges and children's play areas, and a large outdoor terrace overlooking the lake.
The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances and household utensils for cooking. There is a barbecue fish smokehouse outside. We can offer food and service offer from our trusted business partners upon request.
Four sleeping rooms can accommodate 14 people and additional extra beds can be added, if necessary. Rooms are comfortable stay for families with children.
Outdoor tennis court. Those who like to move and active sports enthusiasts will enjoy a versatile tennis court with sand-filled synthetic turf. Want to learn to play tennis, or just improve your skills? Try out the services of the professional tennis coach. A panel wall is equipped for tennis training. The court has the play areas for basketball, football, mobile gateway, and you also can play badminton and volleyball.
Bath. We offer sauna pleasures in the wood-fired sauna and Turkish steam bath. To enhance your bath experiences, – dive into the cool lake water, or maybe even dare for an ice hole in winter. For relaxation, for the peace of mind and recreation you can use a comfortable bath room, a convenient bathhouse, where a professional masseur will massage you. Spacious outdoor terraces are suitable for yoga, and exercise in the open air.

Water entertainment. We offer kayaks, a boat, a raft for boating in the lake, a private beach and a large bridge on the lake for sunbathing and water pleasures.
Anglers will definitely enjoy the stay in our homestead. Rubikiai lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Lithuania, connected by streams to Dusynas and Mūšėjas lakes, so anglers can expect a plentiful catch including pike, tench, perch, bream, roach, rudd, ruff, catfish and other fish. After fishing, freshly caught fish can be roasted on the grill, smoked in the smokehouse or just turned into a delicious fish soup in our kitchen.
Children's entertainment. Our little vacationers will enjoy the specially equipped sandy beach with a shallow shore and safe swimming. We also have a playground and a trampoline.